Research for a Cure


For an introduction to the latest developments in the search for a cure, see Project Inform’s A Primer on What’s Up With Cure Research.

For introductions from an activist perspective, see:

For recent mainstream media coverage of the search for a cure, see the New York Times’s New Hope of a Cure for HIV.

For more news stories, regularly updated, see Treatment Action Group’s Cure Resources page, with news reports from community-based organizations, the mainstream media, and scientific publications.

For more about the Berlin Patient, see:

Cure Research

For a detailed report on the state of cure research, see the HIV-Cure Related Clinical Research Workshop report, prepared by the AIDS Policy Project, the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), Project Inform, and the Treatment Action Group.

The International AIDS Society has a webpage called Towards an HIV Cure: Global Scientific Strategy with:

Other organizations working on the cure and their relevant websites are:

For regularly updated news, reports, conference papers, and more, see’s HIV/AIDS Cure: Research page.

Cure Conspiracy Theories

It’s an exciting time for cure research, but unfortunately belief in fake cures persists.

For some AIDS cure myths, along with explanations of why these cures are false, see:

For more about HIV/AIDS myths (with the truths to counter the myths!), see the AIDS Library’s HIV Myths page.

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