Religion & HIV/AIDS

ARTICLES ABOUT HIV/AIDS AND RELIGION has a collection of articles about Coping with HIV/AIDS: Getting Support from Religion/Spirituality, with articles such as: also has a collection of articles on Religion & HIV/AIDS, broken down into:

Follow those links for articles about issues around HIV/AIDS and these religions/sects, profiles of what different religious communities are doing, and more.


The Balm in Gilead works on HIV/AIDS and other health issues among the African diaspora and publishes:

The National Catholic AIDS Network is no longer staffed as of 2007, but published a Parish Manual for AIDS Minstry (available in English and Spanish), which is presumably still relevant.

The National Episcopal AIDS Coalition has a website that publishes:

The NGO Family Health International has a page of Faith-Based Initiatives that includes:

The AIDS Ministry of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco publishes an AIDS Ministry Manual for Greek Orthodoxy.

The Christian AIDS Bureau of Southern Africa has a number of resources for Christian HIV Ministries, such as:

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance takes a more international perspective, but also includes resources that could be useful for faith communities in the US, including an
HIV Faith Advocacy Toolkit, and a book free for download called HIV Prevention: A Global Theological Conversation (in English, Spanish, and French), with essays on such subjects as:

The Statewide HIV/AIDS Church Outreach Advisory Board publishes Healing Begins Here: A Pastor’s Guidebook for HIV/AIDS Ministry through the Church

DignityUSA, an LGBT Catholic alliance, has an National AIDS Project (with articles and prayers on the topic), as well as some useful related resources, including:

In a similar vein, The Metropolitan Community Churches Alliance has a set of downloadable pamphlets on Homosexuality and the Bible (from a pro-LGBT perspective), and a place to Search for LGBT-Welcoming Ministries in the USA and around the world.


For scholarly research into the effects of faith on people living with HIV, see the literature review, ”Spirituality/Religion and Quality of Life in Patients with HIV/AIDS.” (Some of the articles listed will require scholarly database access to read in full.  If you need help with this, contact me.)

For religion and prevention The Kaiser Family Foundation has an archive of the session Is Religion a Barrier to HIV Prevention? from the 2008 International AIDS Conference.  This includes full transcripts, videos, and podcasts.

For an international perspective, The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has a webpage about Religion & AIDS, which includes reports on many faith-based initiatives.

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