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The AIDS Library offers Reference Services free to all. We will take your questions and find you helpful information as quickly and effectively as we can.

What type of questions?

Many questions that we get are about HIV/AIDS. Questions range from the basics to advanced topics, from prevention to treatment, from the history of the epidemic to the latest statistics. We are also happy to take other questions. Ask us about other health issues. Ask us about different resources available in Philadelphia or elsewhere. We will do all we can to get you the information you need.

What type of answers?

Our answer to your question might be in the form of a definition, a factsheet, an article, a book, a website, a phone number… it all depends on the information you need. Sometimes we can get you the answer right away; sometimes it will take us a few days. Sometimes the best answer will be to connect you with another organization. Either way, please ask your question, even if you aren’t sure how it can be answered. Think of us as your information detectives!

How can you ask?

  • Stop by! See our Directions page.
  • Telephone: 215-985-4851
  • Fax: 215-985-4492
  • Email:
  • Use our online Ask a Librarian form

Also, check out HIV 101 and HIV Statistics for resources about questions that we get a lot.


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Resource Guide

Every year, we publish a Greater Philadelphia AIDS Resource Guide. The Resource Guide is full of useful organizations in the greater Philadelphia area.

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